Tuesday, November 9, 2010

16 and Pregnant

 Odd title for a real estate blog right? Well, to be honest... it's the reality show I am currently viewing while multitasking and writing this blog. Yes, I am that creative. Maybe I'll get some hits on my blog from that title..yes! Anyways, back to the fun stuff...

 Opened escrow on my largest property yet, and it's been less than smooth sailing. As I progress in real estate I'm learning to take the stick out of my ass and realize that not everyone follows the rules, or contracts for that matter, and the more irritated I get, the more irritated everyone gets and no one wins. Unfortunately, and fortunately I was born with the always on time gene. This is the gene that, well, gives me anxiety and ruins my life. God forbid I am running a minute late to a meeting, or there happens to be yet another accident on the 101, or road work on Sepulveda, I may have a complete anxiety attack due to my always on time gene. Not everyone is this way of course...most people aren't... and I am to a large degree of obnoxiousitude. So lesson of the day... take a chill pill, not everyone follows the timelines on a contract...actually I've learned a lot of people don't, and one has to be patient, and take a valium, with a cocktail. I told my doctor about this stress I impose upon myself today... I tell him I get this way for every escrow... his response? " I get that way for every escrow too..." Thanks Dr. Schneider.

Things to do:

  • Buy the groupon.com massage that I came across in my hotmail today to relieve some stress. If you don't know groupon.com get on it.
  • Make SOLD! flyers for prospecting
  • Get up off my butt and hand out flyers that have yet to be made
  • Write this blog more often

I went on a listing appointment yesterday. The client had told me an agent offered to list her property with a 4% commission. And here is what I have to say to that...

Dear sellout agent who offers 4% commission,

   Hard working real estate agents have already taken a hit on commission due to the economy. By you trying to undercut the "unfixed" but known commission rate, you are lowering it for all hard working Realtors. You should be ashamed of yourself. But you know what? Maybe you are only worth 4%. Go *&%$ yourself :)

With all my love,

 But really, buying and selling a home will be one of the biggest purchases you will make. If you were going to get brain surgery, would you go with the surgeon who offers you a discount, or would you go with the Surgeon who would give you the best result?

   By the way, completely different topic, do you know how referrals work? I keep seeing family members and friends buying and selling homes without me knowing at all! Let me break this down for you...

 - Sally is looking to buy or sell her home, but she's in Arkansas and I'm in California....OH NO!...BUT WAIT!

- All Sally has to do, to help a sister out is say, "Hey Amanda, are you able to set me up with an agent in Arkansas?" AND JUST LIKE THAT.... with no cost to you, I can refer Sally to an agent.

- And once Sally Buys or Sells her property 25% of the commission goes to me...hence helping a sister out!

- Even if there is an agent you already know you would like to use, I can refer you to this agent. The reason I ask you to do this, is #1 ...let's be honest, I get money...duh... but #2, the only way for me to GET referrals, is for me to SEND out referrals. So the next time you hear of anyone looking to buy or sell, let me refer them to an agent in their area...BECAUSE what goes around comes around.

Real Estate Rule of the Day

When the going get's tough, suck it up, take a breath, do your job and shut your mouth.


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