Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Real Estate Gods...Where do I begin?

Dear Real Estate Gods,

I was asked to speak about my experiences in Real Estate thus far which has lead to my success. is this done without sounding conceded? I sat up on a panel with a gay couple/partnership who referred to themselves always as we, us, our...never I, me, my. It was weird. When we went around the room asking which agents everyone was from and how long we have been in real estate, they answered " we're from the beverly hills office, we've been in real estate for 4 years." Also on the panel was a Russian know it all, who handing out referral cards at an inappropriate time, a young french agent with really white teeth, and 2 other male agents who seemed nice and normal. 
I felt bad for the audience. It had to have been pretty boring for them. Everyone was pretty repetitive, and, well, boring. I tried to be a bit humorous, which I think I pulled off slightly. But everything was pretty your marketing, keep at it, be proactive. Do you know what it comes down to? You either have it, or you don't.

    Out of randomness, This past week I went out of town, and of course I had more nightmares to deal with than ever. Why are their so many unethical agents? Firstly, if you work in Real Estate in California you need to be able to speak english. You can not do a deal with someone who speaks a different language than you. But maybe that's the point. Maybe those agents only want to do business with the same people who speak their same language. But hey, you wouldn't hire a teacher who didn't speak english...well...unless they were a spanish teacher. For the sake of the good hard working Realtors out there, when choosing an agent, make sure they are ETHICAL GOOD AGENTS! They are few and far between. 

 If your agent doesn't answer your calls quickly, chances are they aren't answering others either...not a good sign. 
By the way, just saw The Social Network, great movie. Makes you think. Also makes you feel dumb...but in a good way. 

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